GA 26C low-profile remote automobile antenna

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Get great signals on your device with this GA™ 26C low-profile remote antenna. Runs on a lower voltage to minimize battery drain. Two mounting options include magnetic mount for the outside of your vehicle or vessel and suction mount for the inside of your windshield or window, 8 ft (2.4 m) of cable and a BNC connector. Size: 2.75"L x 2"W x .75"H.

Compatible Devices

GPSMAP® 130, GPSMAP® 135 Sounder, GPSMAP® 162, GPSMAP® 168 Sounder, GPSMAP® 172, GPSMAP® 172C, GPSMAP® 176, GPSMAP® 176C, GPSMAP® 178 Sounder, GPSMAP® 178C Sounder, GPSMAP® 180, GPSMAP® 182/182C, GPSMAP® 185 Sounder, GPSMAP® 188/188C Sounder, GPSMAP® 192C, GPSMAP® 198C Sounder, GPSMAP® 210, GPSMAP® 215, GPSMAP® 220, GPSMAP® 225, GPSMAP® 230, GPSMAP® 232, GPSMAP® 235 Sounder, GPSMAP® 238 Sounder, GPSMAP® 292, GPSMAP® 295, GPSMAP® 296, GPSMAP® 298 Sounder, GPSMAP® 376C, GPSMAP® 378, GPSMAP® 396, GPSMAP® 478, GPSMAP® 492, GPSMAP® 495, GPSMAP® 496, GPSMAP® 498 Sounder, NavTalk®, StreetPilot®, StreetPilot® ColorMap, StreetPilot® III

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