FMI15,FMI Cable with Mini-USB

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Enable fleet management capabilities for devices that support our Fleet Management Interface with this power/data cable¹. The mini-B USB connector provides for easy and safe connection of the cable to the Garmin device².

One end of the cable contains bare wires for termination with any connector and/or additional interface electronics that may be required for connection to the host fleet management hardware.

Please consult your fleet management system provider for an FMI 15 cable that is properly terminated for connection to its fleet management hardware or ask your fleet management system provider for details on what connector and/or additional interface electronics must be added to the FMI 15.

¹Replaces FMI 10 cables (010-11232-00 and 010-11627-00)

²Connection of 3rd-party power cables and/or data cables to the Garmin device is an express exception (vi) in the 1-Year Consumer Limited Warranty.

Compatible Devices

d?zl™ 560LMT, d?zl™ 570LMT, d?zl™ 760LMT, d?zl™ 770LMTHD, FMI 25 Cable , Garmin fleet™ 660, Garmin fleet™ 670, Garmin fleet™ 670V, nüLink!® 1695 LIVE, nüvi® 1200, nüvi® 1250, nüvi® 1260T, nüvi® 1350, nüvi® 1360, nüvi® 1370T, nüvi® 1390LMT, nüvi® 1390T, nüvi® 1450, nüvi® 1450LM, nüvi® 1450LMT, nüvi® 1450T, nüvi® 1490LMT, nüvi® 1490T, nüvi® 2200, nüvi® 2250, nüvi® 2250LT, nüvi® 2300, nüvi® 2300LM, nüvi® 2350, nüvi® 2350LMT, nüvi® 2350LT, nüvi® 2360LMT, nüvi® 2360LT, nüvi® 2370LT, nüvi® 2450, nüvi® 2450LM, nüvi® 2457LMT, nüvi® 2460LMT, nüvi® 2460LT, nüvi® 2475LT, nüvi® 2495LMT, nüvi® 2497LMT, nüvi® 255, nüvi® 2555LT, nüvi® 2557LMT, nüvi® 255W, nüvi® 2577LT, nüvi® 2595LMT, nüvi® 2597LMT, nüvi® 2598LMTHD, nüvi® 2757LM, nüvi® 2797LMT, nüvi® 2798LMT with Backup Camera, RV 760LMT, RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

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