Bike Mount (Spine Mount System)

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Track your fitness with your portable outdoor device with this bike/cart mount. Simply snap your device into this mount, and you're ready to ride. The mount comes with 4 cable ties and fits up to a 1" (2.54 cm) diameter bar.

Compatible Devices:

Alpha® 100, Colorado® 300, Colorado® 400c, Dakota® 10, Dakota® 20, eTrex® 10, eTrex® 20x, eTrex® 30, eTrex® 30x, eTrex® Touch 25, eTrex® Touch 35, eTrex® Touch 35t, GPSMAP® 62, GPSMAP® 62s, GPSMAP® 62sc, GPSMAP® 64, GPSMAP® 64s, GPSMAP® 64st, Oregon® 200, Oregon® 300, Oregon® 400c, Oregon® 400t, Oregon® 600, Oregon® 600t, Oregon® 650, Rino® 650

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