A/C Adapter, Euro/UK

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Recharge your handheld device at home or away with this AC adapter. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect the other end to your device (does not charge AA or AAA batteries). Includes adapter plugs for the U.K. and Europe.

Compatible Devices:

f?nix® 2, f?nix® 3 Sapphire, f?nix® 3 Sapphire HR, Approach® G10, Approach® G3, Approach® G5, Approach® G6, Approach® G7, Approach® G8, Approach® S1, Approach® S2, Approach® S20, Approach® S3, Approach® S4, Approach® S5, Approach® S6, D2™, Edge® 1000, Edge® 20, Edge® 200, Edge® 25, Edge® 500, Edge® 510, Edge® 520, Edge® 800, Edge® 810, Edge® Explore 1000, Edge® Touring, Edge® Touring Plus, epix™, f?nix®, f?nix® 3, Forerunner® 110, Forerunner® 205, Forerunner® 210, Forerunner® 220, Forerunner® 225, Forerunner® 230, Forerunner® 235, Forerunner® 301, Forerunner® 305, Forerunner® 310XT, Forerunner® 405, Forerunner® 410, Forerunner® 610, Forerunner® 620, Forerunner® 630, Forerunner® 910XT, Forerunner® 920XT, Garmin Nautix™ In-view Display, nüvi® 57LM, Oregon® 600, Oregon® 600t, Oregon® 650, Oregon® 650t, quatix®, tactix®, tactix® Bravo, TruSwing™, Varia™ Rearview Bike Radar, Varia™ Smart Bike Lights, Varia Vision™ In-sight Display, vívoactive®, vívoactive® HR, vívohub™, vívosmart®, vívosmart® HR

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