AC charger (EU & UK adapters)

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This kit includes 1 micro cable and 1 mini cable, so you can charge or power your compatible devices. Plug the appropriate cable into your device, then attach the AC outlet adapter for power or connect to a personal computer for data transfer. Includes adapters for the U.K. and Europe.

Compatible devices:

f?nix® 2 Special Edition, Approach® G3, Approach® G5, Approach® G6, Approach® G7, Approach® G8, Approach® S1, Approach® S2, Approach® S3, Approach® S4, Approach® S5, Approach® S6, Camper 660LMT-D, Colorado® 300, D2™, Dakota® 10, Dakota® 20, d?zl™ 560LMT, d?zl™ 560LMT Camper Deluxe , d?zl™ 560LT, d?zl™ 570LMT-D, d?zl™ 760LMT-Digital, d?zlCam™ LMT-D, Edge® 1000, Edge® 20, Edge® 200, Edge® 25, Edge® 500, Edge® 510, Edge® 520, Edge® 800, Edge® 810, Edge® Explore 1000, Edge® Touring, Edge® Touring Plus, eTrex® 10, eTrex® 10 Geocaching Bundle, eTrex® 20, eTrex® 20x, eTrex® 30, eTrex® 30x, eTrex® Touch 25, eTrex® Touch 35, f?nix®, f?nix® 2, FMI 25 Cable , Forerunner® 10, Forerunner® 15, Forerunner® 220, Forerunner® 225, Forerunner® 25, Forerunner® 310XT, Forerunner® 610, Forerunner® 620, Forerunner® 910XT, Forerunner® 920XT, Garmin Drive™ 40LM, Garmin Drive™ 50LMv, Garmin DriveAssist™ 50LMT-D, Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMT-D, Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LM, Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMT-D, Garmin DriveSmart™ 60LM, Garmin DriveSmart™ 60LMT-D, Garmin DriveSmart™ 70LMT-D, Garmin fleet™ 590, Garmin fleet™ 660, Garmin fleet™ 670, Garmin fleet™ 670V, Garmin Nautix™ In-view Display, Garmin Swim™, GPS 72H, GPS 73, GPSMAP® 62, GPSMAP® 62s, GPSMAP® 62sc, GPSMAP® 62st, GPSMAP® 62stc, GPSMAP® 64, GPSMAP® 64s, GPSMAP® 78, GPSMAP® 78s, Montana® 600, Montana® 600, Montana® 610, Montana® 650, Montana® 650t, Montana® 680, Montana® 680t, Monterra®, nüLink!® 1695, nüLink!® 2340, nüLink!®, nüvi® 1370T, nüvi® 1440, nüvi® 1490LMT, nüvi® 1490TV, nüvi® 215W, nüvi® 2200, nüvi® 2200T, nüvi® 2240, nüvi® 2300, nüvi® 2300LT, nüvi® 2310, nüvi® 2340v, nüvi® 2340LMT, nüvi® 2350LT, nüvi® 2360LT, nüvi® 2407, nüvi® 2408LT-D, nüvi® 2415, nüvi® 2415LM, nüvi® 2415LT, nuvi® 2417LM, nüvi® 2440, nüvi® 2445, nüvi® 2445LMT, nüvi® 2447LM, nüvi® 2447LMT, nüvi® 2448LMT-Digital, nüvi® 2455, nüvi® 2455LMT, nüvi® 2455LT, nüvi® 2460LMT, nüvi® 2460LT, nüvi® 2467LM, nüvi® 2475LT, nüvi® 2495LMT, nüvi® 2497LM, nüvi® 2507v, nüvi® 2508LT-D, nüvi® 2515, nüvi® 2515LT, nüvi® 2545, nüvi® 2545LM, nüvi® 2545LMT, nüvi® 2547LM, nüvi® 2559LM, nüvi® 2559LMT, nüvi® 2567LM, nüvi® 2568LMT-Digital, nüvi® 2569LMT-D, nüvi® 2585TV, nüvi® 2589LM, nüvi® 2595LMv, nüvi® 2595LMT, nüvi® 2597LM, nüvi® 2598LMT-D, nüvi® 2659LM, nüvi® 2699LMT-D, nüvi® 2799LMT-D, nüvi® 30, nüvi® 3490LMT, nüvi® 3490LT, nüvi® 3540LT, nüvi® 3597LMT, nüvi® 3598LMT-D, nüvi® 3710, nüvi® 3760T, nüvi® 3790T, nüvi® 40, nüvi® 42, nüvi® 42LM, nüvi® 44LM, nüvi® 465T, nüvi® 465TF, nüvi® 50, nüvi® 52LM, nüvi® 54, nüvi® 54LM, nüvi® 55, nüvi® 55LM, nüvi® 56LM, nüvi® 65, nüvi® 65LM, nüvi® 66, nüvi® 66LM, nüviCam™ LMT-D, nüvi® 2517LM, nüvi® 2548LMT-D, Oregon® 200, Oregon® 300, Oregon® 400t, Oregon® 450, Oregon® 450t, Oregon® 550, Oregon® 550t, Oregon® 600, Oregon® 600t, Oregon® 650, Oregon® 650t, tactix®, Varia™ Rearview Bike Radar, Varia™ Smart Bike Lights, Varia Vision™ In-sight Display, VIRB®, VIRB® Elite, z?mo® 220, z?mo® 340LM, z?mo® 350LM, z?mo® 390LM, z?mo® 590LM

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